homeless mother and daughter


Our two-year Transitional Housing Program offers affordable living to mothers pursuing educational/job training goals. These women have successfully completed the In-House Stabilization Program or a similar program at another agency. Supportive housing provided through this program allows women, especially single mothers, to pursue education/employment goals. Case management supports these goals while helping women address barriers to past success and develop critical budgeting, time/household management and parenting skills.

As SHH implemented its case management by engaging with callers, the response was enlightening. A surprising number of women revealed that they had not been able to connect with a real person or a person who had the time to listen to them and acknowledge their need for help, much less provide guidance and resources.

In the 2021-2022 fiscal year our Transitional Housing Program provided supportive housing for 6 single mothers with 11 children and 2 single women in special circumstances.

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