homeless mother and daughter


The Journey from Homelessness, read through these homeless success stories and see how your donations can make a difference to a mom with kids or single woman in need.

There are times in all our lives when we wonder if we are “making a difference.” So it is, as each member of our staff works every day doing ordinary things to carry out the mission of Sacred Heart House of Denver.

Then, at just the right time, we receive a note from a resident who reflects on her experience with us. As you read the note below, please know it is being written to each of you who support the women and children we serve in so many ways.

~ Janet Morris

Your time and financial contributions have helped our residents move forward from the terror and pure humiliation they felt without a place in this world to learn to build strength and establish their own unique identities.

With your continued support, Sacred Heart House will continue to serve as an emotional and financial safety net for hundreds of women and children as they move through their journeys out of homelessness. Thank you again.

~ Michel Singer Nelson

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